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Yes, I'm Blogging

I started a blog because I feel like it was about time given that many have asked me to! I've been blessed to have a unique multifaceted life that is predicated on my family, my career, my friends, and the spontaneity of God's gifts throughout my life! My family consist of a loving Mother who's raised me and my brother on her own from Washington DC to Virginia Beach! She's a rock and a source of a lot of my strength and love in my Music and in my life! My Music career spans nearly 20 years, singing with various artists, singing for various companies, doing voiceovers for various products and commercials! I've toured with artists internationally!  I've supported artists on well-known television shows such as Good Morning America and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon! Artists I've supported include, Michael McDonald, Larry Carlton, Keri Hilson, Imagine Dragons, Lucy Woodward, and Alexander Kogan! I've even been casted on NBC The Voice Season 2! Many of you may not of seen me on season two but it was an experience that I will always remember! (I'll save the details for another blog) I was casted in my first featured film, directed by Clint Eastwood (Jersey Boys) What a great experience it was to be directed by the living legend! An experience I will never forget!

Valentine's Day  

Valentine's Day  

At the turn of the New Year, there were some AMAZING things that happened! I asked my beautiful Little Lady (Nino Kolotashvili)
of 5 years to marry me! We have a beautiful three-year-old son together named Gio! We never wanted to make a big fuss over marriage but we felt that it was good for our family! There is no timetable as to when we will get married but when we do, it won't be a big huge to do! Another wonderful moment that I've had in the month of February was the opportunity to sing with Grammy award-winning band, Imagine Dragons on Good Morning America! It was a wonderful opportunity I was afforded through a good friend of mine, Stephanie Alexander… (Amazing singer in her own right)! It was a wonderful opportunity to sing with some of New York's top session singers! We all got along famously and we laughed and sang as well as shared each other's resume and experiences! Some of the singers included working with the likes of Sting, Madonna, Stevie Wonder, Mary J Blige, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, as well as on tour with various superstars! As far as my Music is concerned, I just released my latest song on Sound Cloud and YouTube! "When Will It End" deals with things that ail our society as a whole and offers a peaceful plea to be a better people! 

So in closing, it's been a great start to the New Year! The proof is below...

Stay tuned to my next one... 


Performing " I Bet My Life " with Imagine Dragons from new album  

Performing "I Bet My Life" with Imagine Dragons from new album  

with Dan Reynolds Lead Singer of Imagine Dragons

with Dan Reynolds Lead Singer of Imagine Dragons