Chaz Langley

Singer | Songwriter | Actor | Model

In the Studio

In the Studio

  Chaz Langley was born in Washington D.C. and grew up in Virginia Beach, VA. Chaz began honing his talent for singing at the Governor’s Magnet School for the Arts in Virginia! Since then he has begun his journey into the world of Live Stage, Background vocals, demos, jingles and eventually performing all over the world. He’s had the opportunity to entertain in various styles of music from Musical theatre, R&B, Pop, Gospel and Classical as well. It was the natural progression of R&B music that held his attention and still becomes prevalent in most of his music. Since moving to New York over 10 years ago, Chaz has had many opportunities to work with various publishing and record companies singing in different styles to strengthen him vocally. You may have heard his voice supporting various products and companies such as Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Ford, Behr Paint, Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Pepsi, Budweiser, Miracle Gro Plant Food and many more! He's been sited and heard supporting artists such as Imagine Dragons, Keri Hilson, Larry Carlton, Michael English, Tabitha Fair, Lucy Woodward, Bekka Bramlett and Chris Willis. In addition to his singing, Chaz has been sharpening his skills at the art of songwriting. “I write the kind of songs that are simply Human Relations 101 and the kind of songs you can sing to. “I love to write songs that stay in your mind. Whether it be with a contagious melody or a lyric that makes you think about life, I love every aspect of song writing.” His songs have struck a chord with some of the industry’s giants! To mention, Chaz has recorded and produced his song “Walk Again” with Hayden Panettiere from the hit ABC show, Nashville! Chaz has also teamed up with Award winning songwriter Tina Shafer to write “Love Like you Never been Hurt Before…”which has been on hold for the first American Idol Superstar Kelly Clarkson!

  Chaz is now looking to use his talents in singing and songwriting to inspire an industry that’s yearning for a new voice and inspiration! You can find Chaz’s music on iTunes and Sound Cloud!


Photographer: Kevin Thomas

Dapper Gent: Chaz Langley

Beautiful Dame: Charlotte Delamore

Location: Los Angeles, CA